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Covid-19 Support Group:

In early 2020, Dr. Conor created the ‘Irish Self- Isolation Support’ group as a way of providing positie support and accurately updated information for those that were in self-isolation as a result of the world wide Covid-19 outbreak.

You are welcome to join the group here:

The Irish Self-Isolation Support Group on Facebook
People Often Ask Dr.Conor ‘What is Dyspraxia?’ :

The video below is the best answer that he can give them. Frankie, who is a client of Dr. Conor (seen in this video) is a role model for ‘dyspraxia’. ‘Dyspraxia’ is a neurological condition. It is often known as the the ‘Clumsy Child  Syndrome’. A person`s clumsiness can be seen as being not ‘normal’ as the child or person may continually bump into stuff or trip over the most obvious of things. ‘Dyspraxia’ also affects a person`s timing, co-ordination and perception of space around them. Here are great examples of a typical day for someone who has ‘dyspraxia’:

Sometimes well-being and good health demand that outside resources are used. Many times you choose the easiest method of going to see and Medical Doctor or going for a check up in hospital. This is always a smart decision for you never really know how your body, mind and  brain`s ill feelings are affecting the rest of your human systems. It is always important to be safer rather than sorry when you address your wellbeing and health. As the old saying goes

“You're Health is Your Wealth!”

However, it is of prime importance to try to prevent any potentially harmful effects to your well-being and your health. Becoming more aware of what keeps you healthy and what can help you recover from any physical injury, illness, or feelings of being run down or indeed any other problem can have a long term beneficial effect on not just your physical health, but on your emotional and mental well-being also.

The resources that are available here are beneficial for a variety of wellbeing and health problems. Depending on their dosage, usage and specific application and the regularity to which they are utilised, they can have major impacts to your health. It is of extreme importance to follow the exact directions when consuming any good from this page. The directions are there as a general guideline for proper consumption, but it is also imperative to know that each person is completely different and that each and every physical ailment, illness and problem can present with different consequential outcomes for everybody. Medically speaking, no two people are the same and no two illnesses or ailments can present in the same way on any two people. Respect must be given to how these resources are used and consumed and best advice most be accepted with your health and safety as being the paramount concern to Dr.

That said, all of the resources that are available here have been tried and tested and proved extremely successful to a large number of people. So long as these resources are used in the proper way and the way that they are intended to be used, then positive outcomes ought to be expected.


Herbs are an extremely powerful resource to your health. A herb is any plant with leaves, flowers, or even seeds, and can be used for flavouring, food, perfume, or medicine.

Medicinal Herbs

A medicinal herb derives from a plant that has comparable properties as conventional pharmaceutical drugs that humans use. These types of herbs have been used for thousands of years throughout history and around the world. They can either cure or lessen symptoms from an illness when used in the correct fashion, which includes being purchased following private consultation from suitably qualified professionals. A pharmaceutical drug is a drug that is formed in a laboratory to cure or help an illness. Within the laboratory these drugs may use components of medicinal herbs. So effectively, pharmaceutical drugs, though very effective in many ways, are produced following human intervention. In contrast, medicinal herbs come from nature and so their benefits are completely natural.

Care must be taken when purchasing and consuming herbs. It is essential that you consult with a suitably qualified herbalist before intending to consume any form of herb.

The ranges of herbs that are available here have all been extensively researched and their safety of consumption has been assured, so long as the directions for consumption are properly adhered to by you. All of the herbal products that are available here are sourced within the European Union and have followed strenuous legal guidelines for production and sale. None of the herbs purchased by you here can be given to another third party person or organisation and are not to be resold in separate packaging. This is for the well-being and general health of the population at large. To purchase any of these herbs you must have a private consultation with Dr. Conor. Please refer to the contact page

Please Note
Please be aware to never consume herbal medicine if taking any other form of medication. Always check with your herbal practitioner before consuming herbal medicine if you are pregnant or have any other medical diagnosis or condition, even if you do not think that it is directly related to your illness, ailment or injury.

Dr. Conor or any of his outsourced affiliates do not take responsibility for any improper usage, re-selling, or other irresponsible handling or re-production of these herbal products. These herbal products are sold in good faith as to be used following the internationally and nationally strict medical guidelines. These herbs, though medicinal herbs in part, require proper consultation by responsibly qualified medical herbalists before any purchase or consumption. It is best to seek medical advice and attention before purchasing these and any herbal prescription. A summary of proper guidelines of production, sale and/ or consumption can be seen here on:

All these healthy resources are coming soon!