Adolescent (Teenage) Mindfulness

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The ancient art of mindfulness allowed many young people the time and space within their thoughts to maturely tackle ancient society when in many ways, there were more responsibilities asked of them in life. Ancient times demanded than fewer young people were educated past basic school primary or middle school level and so by the time a child reached puberty they were often expected to fend for themselves and for their families. Having the ability to be mindful allowed them to mature properly and yet enjoy the momentous occasions of their youth, despite such pressures that were cast upon them. Present day young people are often referred to as teenagers, yet this label was only coined in 1950s USA. Young people are expected to act like older people now but have new and growing pressures on them before that many experts say are completely unnatural. Learning to be mindful is true gift to give any young person and as they are digitally stimulated everyday it is important to be able to educate their senses in this way also when they learn the ancient art of mindfulness.

Included in the Mindfulness video:

  • Exam Stress
  • Exam Visualisation
  • Feeling Good About Yourself
  • Vegetables Are Best
  • Managing Stress
  • Meeting That Other Person
  • Speaking In Front Of People 
  • Standing Up For Yourself

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