Children’s Mindfulness Videos




These videos allow you to educate your child on the ancient art of mindfulness. In today`s busy it is difficult to get ahead in life. There is a mountain of economic doom and gloom and general over-stimulation in every media outlet that is projected towards our senses through our televisions, newspapers magazines, phones and other electronic devices. It all can cause stress for many adults. But for children and young people it can be all too much. They need to learn to take time out of it all in a healthy way that takes away the stress and enables them to become skilled at self managing  their own emotions and mental health. These mindfulness videos are created in order to target specific areas of young people`s lives that cause the most stress, yet being the greatest learning for life. By playing these mindfulness videos in a quite room alone, children and young people learn the skill of mindfulness in the moment and prevent mental health difficulties now and in the future for themselves.

Included in the Mindfulness video:

The Loving Penguin (to help make your child more loving),

The Sleeping Baby Bear (to help make your child sleep better),

The Brave Lion (to help make your child face up to fears),

The Concentrating Eagle (to help make your child concentrate better),

The Confident Parrot (to help make your child confident),

The Exercising Horse (to help make your child exercise),

The Friendly Monkey (to help make your child more social),

The Healthy Eating Ant (to help make your child a healthier eater),

The Independent Hardworking Puppy (to help make your child more independent),

The Self Controlled Wolf (to help with your child`s self control),

The Trusting Dog (to help make your child more trusting).

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