Natural Meditations


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The ‘Natural Meditations’ Album’ gives you nearly 2 whole hours of meditations based of the theme of nature. By listening to this album you will be pleasantly persuaded to live a better life, whilst being guaranteed to feel more relaxed, calmer and know that you are soothing your brain in the most natural way possible.

With nature’s sounds as backgrounds tunes, an internationally accredited educator published author and mediator of over 15 years practice having written the script and doing the narration these tracks are highly in lauded by many listeners.

The album has the following tracks on it:

Blue Lagoon Meditation

Beach Walk Meditation

Barefoot in the Sand Meditation

Barefoot in the Meadow Meditation

Cottage Retreat Meditation

Forrest Walk Meditation

Hill Walk Meditation

Mountain Road Meditation

Rain on Window Meditation

Waterfall Meditation

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