Sports’ People Mindfulness Meditations


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All sports’ people are energetic people when they play their favoured sport. Many sports’ people are supremely talented. However, talent is not just about the body. Having superior physical fitness, a natural physical talent, minute motor skills that leave others being viewed as merely ‘ordinary’ sporting people, are often seen as elite-class athletes. Yet, plenty of those that reach the top of their ‘physical’ game either falter or fail one, or many times. Sometimes, they fail to reach their potential despite years of trying. Even the most talented of individuals such as golf`s Tiger Woods, who was chasing down all the records of golf at a rapid pace having won all major competitions, before his life went into turmoil. From there, he dropped to being placed in the late hundreds of international golf placings before he began seeking the help of meditative practice.

This audio album not only include mindful meditations, but also, suggestive language encompassed within hypnotherapy scripts. The following is the contents of the album:

Stress Relief of A Winter Training Session

Next Ball

First Touch

Night Before The Game

Winding Down After The Match

Half Time

Forgetting The Negative People Around You

Less Stress At Work

Financial Freedom

Calm Relationships

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