Actor Gabriel Byrne and Julie Feeney, America, 2011

Conor was stage manager in the Croí Christmas Caberet in the Radison SAS Hotel, Galway when I performed there in 2008. There was over 1,000 in attendance on the night and I was one of the 14 artistes who were performing there.

Conor was the Chairperson of the Business Graduates Association and was also the stage manager on the night.

Conor was very friendly, calm and organised. It was apparent that the event was well planned for in advance. He ensued that the timing of the show was well planned and that the show ran smoothly throughout. It seemed to me that all the artistes seemed happy and relaxed to perform to their optimum levels with Conor alongside them.

It is clear to me, as a former primary school teacher, that Conor has creative and organisational skills. He has the ability to manage any post that he may pursue. He worked in a calm and jovial fashion with all team members and was able to manage a multilayered event with great ease and grace.

Julie Feeney,

International Award Winning Musician





I`ve been working with Conor for the past couple of months and have noticed significant improvements in my performance on the pitch. The work I have done with Conor has definitely helped give me an edge in my preparation for this season.


-David Heffernan, Current Connacht Rugby Player and Former Connacht Captain and Ireland Senior player. He was also part of the historic Heineken Cup winning team of 2016. 








Dr. Conor Hogan is a great motivator, coach, colleague, and beloved friend. He stands behind both his words and his work. You can know people for years, talk to them intimately for months upon months, but when you need them, they’re not there. Conor is. A rare soul in this world.

Dr. Conor Hogan gives without expectation & asks for nothing in return—except my success. Hard not to be grateful when my life’s full of takers—people who ask without even asking.

-Dr. Rebecca Housel

Known as “The Pop Culture Professor” (TM), Dr. Rebecca Housel is an international best-selling author and editor in nine languages and 100 countries. Dr. Rebacca`s Website here



For several years Conor has helped me academically, and in my sporting career in various way. His methods have aided me substantially both physically and mentally. I look forward to continually working with Conor to achieve my full potential in every facet of life. Conor is the best I`ve worked with!  



Conor Hogan is a professional, caring, and  beautiful, sensitive human being. He has an intuitive manner when offering support and guidance that is very gentle. He takes the needs and concerns of the person he is helping into consideration in  a very non-judgemental way.  He is a wonderful teacher with endless patience, sense of fun and immense mentoring skills. I wish to thank him for his support

-Dr Phil Noone

Lecturer/Programme Director,

School of Nursing and Midwifery









After several months of brain training therapy with Conor Hogan there has been a dramatic improvement in the functioning of my body, particularly my mobility. Alongside his impressive depth of knowledge, I find his non-judgmental manner, endless patience and perseverance admirable; and he gives and gives ... without expectation!

-Liam Cullinane has done over 25 years of therapy with the world`s experts following his brain contracting meningitis in 1993. The experience left him fighting for his life.

Watch Liam’ story here:









Conor is great to work with. He has great knowledge and is very professional about his work

-Conor Walsh, All-Ireland Minor Hurling Medal Winner 2017 & Former Galway Under 20 Hurler










Conor was a National Junior Chamber International Award Winner for Leadership. His exceptional ability was outstanding in the field

-Junior Chamber International Ireland





was given a Mayoral reception due to his specific leadership and interest in young peoples' behaviour and his holistic aim of treating those with behavioural problems

                                                – The Galway Advertiser, 18th of May, 2006




 Conor is kind hearted and an intelligent guy. I found the difference after only one session with him. The work he does is absolutely phenomenal! There is no judgement with him as he works in a natural way. I found that great. He puts 110% into everything. His work is much more informed and detailed. I`d recommend Conor for anything, he`s a kind hearted gentleman.
-Frankie Farrell, Dyspraxia DCD Ireland
Ambassador & International Motivational
Speaker on Conor












Conor is a great fellow. He thinks of things I never would think of and puts a lot of research in

    -Tony Mangan, World Record Ultra-Athlete Tony Mangan on Conor







Another video from Tony Mangan here:
Tony Mangan on Conor`s Writing 

Catch up with Tony Mangan`s world walk for cancer awareness here:

Visit Tony`s World Walk for Cancer Here






Conor was an exemplary role model who won his regional award due to ability with people

    -JCI, Galway









Matt Keane, musician, Mary Cunningham, organiser, David Collins, Galway hurler and Marc Roberts, singer, with Galway footballers David Reilly and Paul Conroy and Conor Hogan, Graduates’ Chairperson, at the Christmas Fundraising Extravaganza in aid of Croí, at the Galway Shopping Centre.


Conor was an excellent natural leader of people and a fantastic organiser when he was the Community Service Society Chairperson FROM 2001-2003 and then the Chairperson of the GMIT Business Graduates Association which raised hundreds of thousands for worthy charities including Croí

Mary A. Cunningham, Multiple Charity Event Producer & Former Lecturer in G.M.I.T







Conor Hogan responded incredibly when I contacted him about an idea I had last autumn. I wanted to put together a custom made series of seminars/workshops for all of our staff in our National School. I requested a talk/seminar to be given by him. As we don’t live and work in the same environs, having listened carefully to my request, he put together a video link broadcast specifically designed around the topic we needed. We held a series of workshops in November, incorporating his video into 2 of them. It was possible to pause his presentation at various stages to discuss, workshop, share ideas and come to conclusions about the topics concerned. We even did further reading and research in our own time. I’m delighted to report that this process was extremely positive. Conor’s input was excellent. His work was fully and expertly researched, clearly presented and it dove-tailed exactly into our seminars. It was appropriate and we were all involved. The staff enjoyed his explanations, examples and the lead he gave on staff development and their feedback was very complimentary and they were grateful for the areas Conor highlighted. The whole experience of having Conor, an expert in his field (a great presenter), was a huge bonus to us.  Everyone gleaned great insight, a very practical guide and much advice. We are very grateful to Conor for his wonderful work and would highly recommend him to any school for seminars, discussions and workshops. I wish him every success with his business.

Ann Andrews,

St Brigid’s Church of Ireland National School,


Co Dublin





Conor was the Galway/Mayo Institute Student of the Year Winner for his service to people in his and the GMIT local community

-Galway/Mayo Institute of Technology


When it comes to dealing with children and young people, I would say that Conor is one of the best volunteer leaders I have worked with. I have seen him on many occasions deal with children and young people's challenging behaviour in a very calm and professional way. Conor is always focused on the individual needs of each young child and how he in turn can best meet those needs. Conor has helped and supported several young people from the travelling community who struggle with literacy problems. Conor's background in education has empowered these young people enormously. We continually assess and plan our progress in the youth cafe on a weekly basis. Conor has been in charge of documenting each night through a series of emails which was shared between youth leaders. This was an excellent way of keeping everyone involved and informed on how the young people were progressing each week.  Conor has got on very well with both staff and volunteers alike. He is polite, dependable and very approachable. I would fully recommend Conor to any fellow professionals working with children and young people in the field of education and personal development.

-Eoin Dolan

Foróige youth Specialist





Conor was conscientious and enthusiastic and had good communication skills as well as getting on with other staff.

-Paul Lawless,
Galway Study Centre



Conor was an excellent teacher, efficient, hardworking and organised. He was highly respected by students and staff. Conor was an honest, sincere, diligent and reliable person who had an excellent relationship with fellow staff, students and parents. I would recommend him for any position he applies for.
Cathal Moore,


Presentation College Athenry,


Cathal Moore who also hurled for Galway for many years and does GAA analysis on TG4 television

Mr. Cathal Moore











Felt brilliant after the physical work
Conor did with my body. You have a lovely way of explaining things and my back and shoulder have opened up so much since.

Seán Heslin, Former Physical Therapy Client



Conor is a wonderful yoga teacher, so full of knowledge and has a powerful way to motivate during class

-Angela Timmons, Yoga Student



My injuries are all gone thanks to Conor`s healing ability

                                                                                  – Peter McEntee, Therapy Client


A super yoga class with succinct directions, fluidity, know how & even fun! 

-Frank Mulcarr, Yoga Student

Here Are Parents’ Testimonials After Working With Conor:
Conor has a knack with explaining feelings , not just children but adults, great empathy!

Maureen Toade,



Here Are Children’s Testimonials After Working With Conor:
Conor was honest, earnest and co-operative and had control and an excellent attitude to work.

Mr.Gerry Clooonan,

Deputy Principal, Presentation College Athenry, Galway, 2004



Conor was diligent, flexible and would help out at anytime

Ciarán Murphy, Principal, St.Mary`s College, Galway



Conor has a willingness for any task and has good discipline and control 

Dara McAleer, St. Catherine`s N.S, Aughrim, Co. Galway 


Conor has a good temperament

Seán O’ Flynn, Former Principal, Brierhill N.S, Galway


Conor had an excellent rapport with students and made sure they achieved to the best of their ability. He is motivated, a hard-worker, respectful and supportive.

Maura Madden, Abalta Special School, Parkmore, Galway


Conor is quick to recognize pupils' needs and show genuine interest in their progress. He puts fun into learning. 

Harry Monson, Principal, Coldwood N.S, Craughwell, Co. Galway

Conor assumed  roles with ease. His communication with the children was very good and his class discipline was firm but fair.  The children in his class certainly benefited from Conor’s time here, especially in their Gaeilge.

Maura Murphy, Principal, St. Vincent’s N.S; Coolarne, Co. Galway 



Conor is a thoughtful and caring person 

E.A Robartson, Principal, Grianach House School, Galway, 2004       



Conor has a strong presence and great rapport         

Dara Mannion, Principal, Scoil Bhríde, Menlo N.S, Galway