The Mental Health for Millenials

Conor wrote a chapter on Friendship in Modern Times in the book Mental Health for Millennials.

The 'Mental Health for Millennials' book is the first in a series of books targeted at those from the milllennials age group. To puchase a copy go to:

Whether you realise it or not having a physical problem can be acutely related to other parts of your overall wellbeing and health also. The fundamental goal of all human well being and health is to propel you back to being well and in a completely healthy state. aims to educate and treat you so that you believe you are feeling well whilst also actually becoming physically, mentally and emotionally healthy also.

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This site is here for you to become more aware of your well being, health and education in general. If you are wondering about the terminology of ‘Wellbeing’ and how it affects you or yours, then you will find loads of useful nuggets of information right here.
If you're suffering from a health complaint, be it physical, emotional or even mental, then you’re in the right spot. On this site there is a lot of information about healthy living, as long as you feel the need to become more informed by new and existing information that is continually becoming available.
If you're reading this and come with an educational mindset, then you won’t be disappointed either. For here, all the information and the contents have been put together following evidence based approaches in order to make sure that you are properly educated and enlightened.
quote openLots of internet sites, online and indeed real life businesses and companies claim to understand well being, health and education, but few if any, have the real life personal experiences, professional expertise and lifelong advanced education as Dr. Conor Hoganquote close
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Conor Hogan
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Dr. Conor is a fully registered to work with children and young people. All child services follow a safety guarantee of best practice with professional ethics guaranteed. One- to –one work with children is only carried out in the presence of a parent/ guardian.