• My service has helped a leader to discover an emotionally volatile team member who was stopping the company from producing an extra 25% of products while also lowering the team morale and de-motivating other team members in their work. This discovery was achieved within the first session of working
    with them.
  • My consultancy also has helped the most stressed and depressed of
    leaders to find their emotional intelligence and become confident again in their leadership.
    As a result, they earned a 400% increase in earnings
    and an improvement of over $1,000,000 in revenue gained in their work
    all within the first couple of months after the initial consultation with him.
  • A 100% return in sales teams’ income due to an altered mindset of leaders and all team members. This was achieved in the opening sessions of working with this company

Interested In Achieving Maximum Emotional Intelligence
To Develop Leadership ?

Choose my expert mental performance service…
If you are…

  • Trying to achieve a sustainable high-performance level or solve inconsistency in your team members’ performances.


  • Trying to maximize their emotional intelligence and to be guaranteed to be motivated when under pressure.


  • Trying to achieve guaranteed leadership development without being stressed.


Then we can help.

  • Awareness
    This is short weekly online support for team members. With the Awareness service, the team members’ issues are diagnosed, and the working plan is put into place and followed each week.

  • Awareness to Active Leadership

This is a longer weekly online support for team members. With the Awareness to Active Leadership service, the team member receives support throughout a longer period which allows them to become a more aware and active leader for themselves and other team members also.

  • The Emotionally Intelligent Leader

This is the longest program that is a twice-weekly online support for the team members. With the Emotionally Intelligent Leader service, the team member receives support throughout the required period which allows them to become the best emotionally intelligent leader also.



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