Who is Dr. Conor?

Dr. Conor helps committed leaders and teams to maximize productivity,  professional satisfaction,  energy, and productivity without stress and pressure. He integrates neuro-socio psychology in his custom-made high-performance services.

Also acknowledged by as one of the most influential thought leaders in business and marketing,  Dr. Conor integrates neuro-socio data and experiences by studying the mind and mental processes of individuals, teams, and organizations to facilitate higher performance. In his work, he holistically connects how the greatest performers in the world use their minds, brains, and bodies to pursue the boundaries of human potential. 

Having been featured in Forbes, INC; Entrepreneur, NBC, FOX, CBS, and Business Insider among others, Dr. Conor paves the way in international innovative thinking. He has developed scientific techniques that enable people to eliminate high-stress feelings within 4 minutes and is the World’s Leading High-Performance Neuro-Socio Psychologist. 

‘Neurosociology’ refers to the relationship between neuroscience and sociology and how these two areas affect a person’s brain, overall behavior, and performance. Social psychology is the scientific study of how people’s thoughts, feelings, beliefs, intentions, and goals are constructed. 

Dr. Hogan PhD. concentrates his career in working in the gutters of financially pressurized environments with some of the greatest people and organizations on the planet, teaching the mindset methods and strategies crucial to discovering and establishing their human potential. His clients include professional athletes, world record holders, elite sportspeople, educational leaders, and the Academy Awards ceremony performing musicians.   



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