A Child’s Life Changed by One Result – Do I really want this?

Today marks the most important moment for many Irish children and young people in the country. For today is D-Day. It’s the day that the Leaving certificate results are out. For the tens of thousands of students across the country today’s results can represent 5 to 6 long years of their life`s work. In fact if you look at it in another way it can be easily perceived as the ultimate representation of their whole life of learning since they first entered into primary school at 4 or 5 years of age.

But all of that is the past once that result script is opened up. The moment the script is unfolded  becomes  the first moment for the rest of your life. It is a moment of finalisation for sure, but it is also a moment of beginning. You can allow the results dictate your choice of college course from the ten or so listed on your CAO form, or you can make your new choice.  Just because you have reached high points it does not mean that you must choice certain courses in third level.

Similarly just because you have not achieved the points total that you had hoped for it does not mean that you do not have a future and will not achieve your goal, you will.

In the first instance if you do a college course because you have the high points for it you may actually end up hating it or drop out , which effectively delays your progress. This happens to many students. In fact, even if you receive your degree you may not work in the industry because some other opportunity arises in the mean time, you simply weren’t mad about the course in the first place or economical pressures will have altered. All in all the circumstances of your life will change in 3 to 4 years and accepting a college course has to be about “ Do I really want this?”

If you haven’t achieved your desires, fret not. The road into adulthood is a long one. It has many twists and turns. Ok, you`ve been dying to get on that road for a long time now, but be wise, practice patience and keep your  aims in your heart. You will get there, so long as you are sure of where you want to be.

Congratulations to all the young students and may you all have a bright future ahead!

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