A child’s life ruined

Ugly and dangerous people can hide behind success. Today in England a sentence is being handed down to a British footballer who has groomed and had unlawful activity with a minor. The victim, a young girl, has expressed that she has been so traumatised from the experience that she has attempted to take her own life. Other life changing events such as bullying have resulted from this horrendous ordeal. Whereas while all of this horrendous activity had obviously occurred and this victim was suffering so much, the successful English footballer was being paid thousands and still performing at the highest level to the adulation of tens of thousands of fans.

How can evil reside in our world and be allowed to overcome such innocence, especially after all the previous occurrences of paedophilia involving well known men in years gone by in both England and Ireland? Today this man is being sentenced. But will this sentencing undo the unjust behaviour and life changing events that the innocent child has experience? We need to change as people and as a society to make sure things like this are not acceptable in the future.


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