A Child’s Life Slaps you back!

There was a societal outcry of late regarding what Pope Frances said about smacking children. For there is no doubt that the history of time has proven that, in the main, violence breeds violence.

But although the pope`s words have aroused much disgust they have also prompted us to put ourselves in the very situation that pressurizes us enough as adults to be tempted to slap a child.

Presumably by slapping a child though, an adult is attempting to shock a child into a new feeling.

Children are naturally playful. They seek creative situations and have a rightful journey of discovery of new sounds, places, sights, and feelings.

Adults are the ones who have had the time to decide on their favourite music, their preferred holiday location, and have seen and experienced things that children have never seen. But are those adults that slap children really in touch with their own feelings?

If these adults feel guilty about slapping their child they need to realize that there are other ways to communicate what they are feeling to their child. Before learning how to communicate their feelings or attempting to communicate in such a way as slapping, an adult needs to feel what it is that is causing themselves  the real frustration, anger or aggravation in their own life.

Perhaps by this adult accepting the momentarily frustration, anger or aggravation that the child has somehow caused the adult, they may actually begin to perceive it as a momentary gift from the child to them. This little gift from the child may force the adult’s hand back into self sculpting their own natural playfulness, creativity and be a guide into the adult`s own new journey of their life.

This new feeling may prove to be a big but welcome shock for the adult instead.

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