Ask and You Shall Receive

Recently there has been a lot said about a certain website, namely Ask fm. Many in the media have given opinions and have questioned the company and the ethical service that the people behind the website provide. As the service advocates many young people to use its website many would say that it would only seem fair to offer the young people a fair customer service also.

Many people that work with or for children in Ireland are well aware of Ask fm and its service. However, there are many adults and people that help children that are completely unaware of the company, its service, its alleged practices and the fact that it is now relocating to Ireland.

Below are two links to two on-line articles. The first link gives a list of ten popular facts about the website in question The second link gives information on the website`s relocation to Ireland.

Feel free to browse the internet and there will be many other on-line links that are related to this company. Feeling free is a natural human right of every human being, especially children and youth. Joining the debate and having an opinion on whether Ask fm gives children and youth real freedom is up to you.

Link 1:

Link 2:

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