Awareness of All Children

It’s so easy to be aware of anything nowadays. With so many forms of media and technologies such as television, internet and smart phones fueling information to the masses it makes it available instantaneously available to almost all people anywhere.

For children who have difficulty in communicating, let alone accessing the full range of media that is available to many at the flick of a switch, there are many problems in their lives that many of us are simply unaware of. Media has its strengths and one of those strengths are the simple imagery of photography which is now becoming an older and more traditional form of media compared to pace of many technological advancements.

Pictures like this that bring awareness to children in need of being included in our ever diverse society are a welcome sight. Presently they can be seen on the Promenade in Galway where the bright young faces of some children who have Down Syndrome illuminate the open and arid Atlantic way showing that all children are special and just as beautiful as the sea and unique views that align the coastline to the rear of the photographs.

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