Back to School Expense is Worth A Child’s Life

Being a child is but a small segment of the overall journey through life. Having the fortuitous favours that a good life brings such as a good job, being healthy and happy do not come to all people. Of course,  terrible things can occur throughout many people`s lives that alter the course of life and challenge a person to the extreme, but in most cases,  preparing when you are young in order to gain a good income, being happy at what you do and being healthy are important and realistic aims to have. All of these aims are stages of life and can be attained, but only through education.  Education to gain the adequate marks in exams  in order to secure good employment, education on what is and is not healthy comes from both school and from having an inquisitive mind ( which can be harnessed through education in the first place ) and being happy… (that they  say is a state of mind,  and the mind can be inextricably linked to a good education!).

So, welcome back to school. Remember the financial expenses that are incurring are an investment in the most prised assets you will ever have- your children!

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