Children Deserve Your Vote For Their Life Ahead

Tomorrow, after much debate and a sometimes crude campaign the 2015 referendum will come to a head. One of the referendum commission advertisements on today`s media stresses that “everyone`s opinion matters”, and reminds us that each vote is appreciated and welcome as it represents individual opinion.

Those that will vote will be over 18. Yet those that possibly will have their lives changed in time will not have a vote. Of course, they are the children. Change in this instance may not be good, but it may also be better for children. We simply don`t know! In fact, if the motion is carried Ireland (for once) is voting on an issue that will make the state quite a unique nation. The special thing about this referendum is that there is such a lack of first hand evidence either for or against the argument of same sex marriage and the outcome that it would potentially have on children that may be parented by two individuals of the same sex.

Quite often being special goes hand in hand with being unique. The ramifications socially, politically, economically and in a family context are going to create change that will bring about more unique circumstances for all people. So, before you vote tomorrow remember that my vote and your vote defines future children`s lives, and surely as they have no vote we need to be responsible and take note of what the referendum commission stresses “everyone`s opinion matters” now and into the future. Surely that includes children`s opinions too? If you think it does then think hard before you vote. For no one knows the future but you and I will be older in it and children will be the ones to react as young adults to our decisions now.

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