Children’s lives are so short

We all can recall our childhoods and the ups and downs that we experienced. Some were fortunate to have had a great time playing, learning, relating and generally growing up. Others may not have as many good memories and would much prefer to leave the past where it is. Despite that, both sets of people must be able to agree on one thing regarding child hood- that being, that childhood is only a very short period in the average person’s life. Yet what about those that has the horrible terror in their child hood and never experience a moment of adult hood? Are there lives meaningless because all they have been to a society is a child? Do they not represent the greatest happiness for some mother, father, aunty, uncle, sister, brother, friend or other person in their lives?

For us all in this present day world we must be aware that childhoods are short, but for some the evil choices of others wreak terror and murder on children all around the world, and this does not just end the lives of children but it reverberates throughout their kinship to become a horrible sadness. For the people of Nice in France and those that have died there, may all our prayers and thoughts be with them at this awful time in their lives.

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