Elect a child and our present and future will be assured

If you drive or walk around anywhere in Ireland at the moment you wil see many election posters.

Some come from Fianna Fail, others from Fianna Gael. Labour, Sinn Fein, Re Nua, the AAA, the Social Democrats, the Alliance led by Shane Ross, the Greens, and many democratically dictated parties colour our motorways, regional routes and city roads. All these are sprinkled with a plethora of independent minded individuals who warn us of their central objectives for Ireland`s present and future few years. But what of the child?

Only those over 18 will vote in the up and coming election. There are so many parties and independents to choose from, but being honest do we really choose with other people`s future in mind or is it just our own aims that dictate our vote? This election day think of yourself, your loved ones and the true future of Ireland- the children

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