Good Children and Good Parents being wary of Online Life

Nowadays each and every child is told to go online and to update their technical skills as it is the new education promoted by the politicans and economists who  forecast future employment prospects for present day children. Of course, when the majority of parents were young there was no internet and although they have been children themselves, they still have  had to learn a whole set of skills to guard against the ills of the internet. Not every parent can afford online technology, a computer, I pad or laptop. Not every parent has the up to date technical skills that are needed to help their children get ahead in these areas of expertise.

But what about the good parent who has afforded their child the luxury of the regular at home online experience, has the up to date skills to monitor their usage and also encourages children to be a mannerly child both on and offline? What if they do all of this and yet their precious child receives online abuse simply because they are a little bit different than many other children?

A lovely young  girl by the name of Lara Reddy did all children and her family proud on the recent Late Late Toy Show. Yet she received online abuse in return. Perhaps being online is but one facet of new age education that’s required  to aid to our society- but so is a global and unanimous acceptance that results in each and every child being respected by all in our society.

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