Junior Certificates Socialising Safely

Tomorrow marks the achievement date for many of this year`s Junior Certificate examinees. Three years of hard work by these teenagers which began when they were young children and will culminate for most in celebrations that will be similar to many present day young adults `. Of course, the excitement deserves huge partying.  After all  let`s face it, these teens deserve to let loose- but it must all be carried out in a manner that is fitting for these youngsters, who are yet mere children according to the law of the land.

There will be tears and triumphs, hugs and kisses and shock and horror all at the same time amongst the masses of teenagers that converge in night spots across the country. All of these teens deserve their fun after being so patient in having waited since last June for their results and exams that brought so much pressure at that time also. Those that will be happiest will be those that made the right choice to work the hardest at their studies.  Let’s just hope that same patience is evident tomorrow night when certain pressures of a social kind arise and that everyone makes the right choice for themselves during all parts of the night.

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