Life after Leaving Can Be Coached To a Brighter Future

Today is the day that all the tens of thousands of leaving certificate students have been waiting for since they first stepped into secondary school over five years ago. All the years of effort and stress have now reached their pinnacle and the results of the past 5 years of work are now in existence. Some will be ecstatic, more will be content, some will be disappointed and others will be devastated. But for all, it is the first moment of their young lives that they realize the reality of the fruits of their labour.

For many Life after the leaving certificate can follow the seeds that were sown throughout the secondary school years, but not for all. Some young people become lost and unmotivated in attempting to go on to the next phase of their young life. For many, today can be an anticlimax and they simply do not know what their future holds despite having achieved good leaving certificate results. For those people there is the option of life coaching so that they can be re-directed along their future path.

To all of the students who received their results today, congratulations!!!- even if you did not get the results that you had hoped for remember that your future is bright, you have youth on your side.

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