Once Special Children But Now Specialist Athletes with Special Coaches

Coaching can bring many challenges. Along with these challenges come handsome rewards. But coaching people with special learning needs can bring many unknown and perhaps many daunting obstacles that must be overcome. These obstacles may be too big and too diverse for the average coach or team leader to comprehend, and in times like that, the rewards must seem very far off.

But special coaches will find a way towards the path of success. This was certainly the case for the coaches of this year`s Irish special Olympics team.  Despite many obstacles such as communication, motivation and organization, the Irish coaches worked with the special athletes in order to make this present Irish team one of Ireland`s most successful teams ever. Their rewards were huge with medals a plenty. But, despite these tokens of achievement, the real rewards are the smiles and gratitude reciprocated by the special athletes towards their coaches.  Special people, special coaches.


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