Outdoor Children’s Lives

Not long ago in Ireland a new venture began in County Wicklow. Of course Wicklow is known as the Garden County, and with this in mind it seemed the perfect place for the country`s first outdoor preschool. The benefits of nature are known to us all as adults with herbs,  fresh air, sunshine,  vitamins and a general sense of freedom, peace and wellbeing coming to mind when we wander in nature. But its much more than that for children of a tender age who learn outdoors. Here education of problem solving, nurturing, exercising, learning about natural flora and Fauna, foods and nutrition and an immersion in living things are constant realities of learning outdoors.

Since the first preschool of this sorts began a couple of years back in County Wicklow others have followed. Another fine example is  Nurture by Nature in Kilcornan, Clarenbridge, County Galway. Here being in the woodlands allows children to socialise in safety and with enthusiasm to learn.

Long may this revolution of outdoor learning last for the good of children`s lives.



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