Psychologists sting children worse than a nettle

You, like many children may have often wandered on a long Summer`s evening through fields and flowers to get where you wanted to go. As it was warm and you were running free you were probably wearing short pants. Without doubt, if you have ever been in this situation you got stung. In summer fields there may be flowers but there are often nettles too. If you have been in that situation you realise that the faster you ran the more you got stung and before you realised that it was best to slow down a bit, you were stung all over.  But as you were aware of the natural surroundings you knew that with a despite the throbbing sting of the nettle and the density of all the other nettles around it, there was still something nearby that would immediately remove this pulsating ache.  In the case of the nettles you would have found dock leaves which were usually within reach, and you knew that if you rubbed their rich green leaves enough it would dull the ache and allow you to continue along your way.

Nature has a balance. For every nettle there is a dock leaf within reach. For every man there is a woman. For every act of evil there is a miracle around the corner. Only man alters this. Only the human rashness and lack of proactive vigilance coupled with ignorance of all sectors of society and life`s natural ways can provide as uneven and unproductive a holistic outcome for all.

Recently a client confirmed that their 10 year old boy was allegedly misdiagnosed by a psychologist, as well as being in their view, misdiagnosed by social workers and other leading personnel.  The parent felt that he was being mistreated by the system that was now in place. They sought life coaching and other services.  Their child had begun to mention suicide as a way to solve their problems.

The outcome of some of the work meant that the negative language needed to be balanced with an equal amount of positive language and this, in some part, solved the issues at hand. Needless to say they left satisfied with their service, but it opens out the argument of whether every psychologist or social worker is correct in their individual assessment of children’s needs. Personally I’m well aware and quite friendly with some fine psychologists and social workers.The vast majority of these professionals are excellently trained and extremely vigilant, but all human beings can make mistakes. For its part of human nature. Though, that’s not to say that there may be ones that are misdiagnosing children incorrectly. However when it comes to children speaking about suicide as being a way to solve their problems you can only imagine that there needs to be quite a natural balance restored for that child to move forward. All of us professional people would realise this.

Like the nettle and the dock leaf, only a few words of positive language can begin to restore negative thoughts that a child has. Slowing down, listening to your child and realising their problems can be as big in their mind as yours are for you, can really aid a child`s whole life. In fact it may save it. It`s something we all need to keep in mind before the sting of regret changes a family`s life forever.

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