Seeing is Believing

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Over the past few years in Ireland things have changed. Some would say things have changed for the better and some would disagree with this statement. Being able to discuss like adults is one thing we all can do, but what if you`re a child and you don’t have the ability to discuss or have the knowledge on how some of these many changes can actually benefit you? If only all of us adults knew about these positive proactive changes, so that we could look out for and benefit more children.

The Irish Society of Prevention to Cruelty to Children (ISPCC) makes all of us aware of some positive changes that we can make in our own lives as present day adults. These changes will help children also. The ISPCC remind to us to start to teach children simple and useful things such as helpful phone numbers and how giving them guidance on everyday things such as crossing the road. In all, there are only eleven bullet points and in essence these bullet points refer to how we as adults can use our five senses more wisely to look out for children.

The full article is available here on the ISPCC web link entitled “Keeping Children Safe in Public Places”:

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