Therapy of all kinds for Young People

On the 16th of June, 6 young Irish people tragically died after they fell from their upstairs balcony. Like all tragedies, it was heartbreaking for many families and friends of the victims. But this tragedy highlighted the goodness of young Irish people both home and abroad. Deaths like these were preventable when one considers the structural mishaps of the hotel in question. However, as these young people have gone to their eternal rest we must now turn our attentions to those who morn them and try to rebuild their own shattered lives.

The goodness of those young Irish people that survived has been displayed in messages of solidarity and hope across social media over the past few weeks. This spirit is needed for recovery. None more so spirited, than that of Clodagh Cogley who has many broken bones and faces the very real possibility of lifelong paralysis. She will need many more hours of therapy and rehabilitation. Her young friends around her and the families of those that were lost in this bleak time will provide extra therpautic support for her. With the support of the other wonderful young people around her and the tremendous courage, determination and positivity that she has shown so far, she will prosper within her life time.

A proper tribute, if any, to the tragic young Irish lives that were lost.

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