Why do we need Life Coaching for Children?

Over the Christmas period many of us met old friends and some new ones too. As a result, natural conversations ensued. As we moved  into a new year and as this is a new service to Irish life, it was natural that new questions and curiosity about this life coaching service was central to a lot of those conversations. Let’s just say it was a frequently asked question. So, as with all FAQs, an answer is needed that will best explain the regular wonderment of many which went something like “… Life coaching for children? Eh? What`s that…?” and “ What are they going to think of next?…sure the world`s gone mad?…”

Life coaching for children? Eh? What`s that…?

All forms of life coaching are carried out to help a client help themselves. Life coaching is a set of skills and techniques that a professional life coach will use to aid the client in clarifying their own true intensions in one or many aspects of their life. Once this clarification occurs, the professional life coach can then trigger the client into achieving their best results that will become a reality in all aspects of their life.

Effectively, the client can come from a place that is dark, unsupportive, and unproductive and without hope, and be successfully projected towards their best place in life. This better place is a place that contains light, produces the best people for the client to be around, motivates them, and gives them their true financial worth. This new life for the client guarantees that they are on the proper trajectory that will reap the most benefits for them now and in their future.

“ What are they going to think of next?…sure the world`s gone mad?…”

Who knows what is going to be happen next. Coaching tough, has been around for hundreds of years and now it has begun to prosper and become an integral profession where it`s skills and techniques are proving to be the most effective way to solve a clients problems, issues and true feelings- especially when an specialised expert life coach is employed.

If the world`s gone mad then we are all part of the madness.

Perhaps take a look at RTÉ`s “We Need to Talk About Porn” which will be broadcast next Monday January 12th on RTÉ One. This programme will look at a growing problem for young people in Ireland. Be warned though, that it contains scenes of adult content only.

You can then decide for yourself what are they going to think of next? or, if the world`s gone mad?

It certainly will begin to explain to you why life coaching for children is now needed.

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