Woman`s Way: Ask The Expert

My seven year old boy gets anxious in social situations – parties, sports training – to the point where he gets a pain in his stomach. How can I help him to relax, be less nervous and more confident?

Instances of anxiety are on the rise in today`s world. Children are more vulnerable to long term social anxiety not least as they are so inexperienced. Yet more socialisation will occur for children in each class of primary, post primary, college and work life. Each social occasion can bring new moments of anxiety.

A natural reaction is for a nervous child to experience the fight or flight response which can result in negative outcomes like peer pressure, bullying or self harm. Empowering the child to breathe steadily in these situations by using yogic breathing techniques create lifelong habits that pre-empt feelings of anxiety, nervousness and stomach pains. Calmness and confidence is then assured and the child will not only be at more ease in new social situations but will relish their arrival. Giving a child a positive new habit will trigger many moments of renewed opportunity in life.

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