Well-Being and Your Body

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The phrase ‘ Healthy Body is a Healthy Mind’ often comes to the tip of our tongues when we begin to think of our mind and our body. Still,  this age old phrase is still so true. Despite the technological advancements that we all carry around in our pockets on a daily basis allowing us to be  connected across the globe in milliseconds, our bodies often become disconnected from our minds. When we consider well-being as an issue and then we asses our own personal well-being we never quite think of how our daily bodily journey affects it.

Our minds are one thing and our body is another thing. Many of us just think this way about ourselves. However, our minds are  emotional beings and our bodies are interconnected with this being as closely as our hand is connected with our arm, or our foot with our leg.

Perhaps the next time we think of our well-being we can give our self ‘a helping hand’ and accept that ‘ A Healthy Body’  can actually lead to a ‘ Healthy Mind’ , else with regard to our overall well- being, we may actually be ‘putting our foot into it!’




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