5 Well-Being Books To Read

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Well-Being is often perceived as being a very broad term. Only a few years ago the term was unheard of as many just lived their lives in tandem with rising in the morning for work and when darkness fell, slept until the next day.

More recently, the term of well-being has been become so popular that when ever anything physical, emotional or mental becomes wrong with someone people around them refer to it being directly linked to their overall well-being without completely understanding the broad term. thankfully in the past year I have been able to write publicly on this term in a book entitled ‘ Mental Health For Millennials’. The book, which is the first of a series of five books, is one that included chapters from a series of experts on the collective well-being of millennials. The first book has been a success and with it I have been invited to write in all of the four remaining books. There you will discover how ‘Well-Being’ matters to you in the forthcoming years.


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