Mental Health and Our Well-Being

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Mental health is a very important issue for all our well-being. Someone`s mental health can be challenged in many ways and within a very short time period their whole mind can be at risk of long term Mental Illness. Being around the right people at times during such stressful periods for our mental health is pivotal to our overall wellness as there are trained people available to understand when these pressures arise. Then there are also those that have the patience and understanding or may just be in a better place in their life, and in so being, can sometimes quite easily notice when something if a bit ‘off’ or ‘up’ with someone.

As children quite often the vast majority of time is spent either at home or in school. Although the primary educator of the child is the family home, schools are professional educators and hold a social responsibility to teach to the best of their professional ability.

In the UK of late, there has been a notable increase in the amount of Mental Health referrals and this is of interest to all in the western world. Being connected to people, whether they are feeling unwell or not, is a natural aspect of life that we all experience on a day to day basis. With that in mind. it is wise for all our well-being to be aware when such increases in Mental Health referrals come on stream so that we can be there for someone and so that we can look out for the future of our children.

Here is a linked article on the increase in Mental Health referrals: 

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