Well-Being and Hormones

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There was a time in the not too distant past where men used to get confused about the fairer sex. In fact, you could say this is still the case. Still, there was a time (and in some quarters there may still be) where men look up to the heavens when they get all too confused about the fairer sex and chant ” Ah… women and their hormones!”. In some ways this is very true. If a man does not understand the woman and if the two are disagreeing on certain issues then the male can often get himself into a quandary and utter those words in disgust.

That said though, quite often women will say they don`t understand men in a similar manner. Let`s face it, often two people of the opposite sex have  a falling out or misunderstanding. If a woman does not understand a man it`s rare that she will close her eyes and scream to the skies ” Ah.. men and their hormones” – but maybe she should?! After all, we all have hormones.

Hormones are things that need to be in balance for our well-being to be in check. So, the next time you fall out with the better half wonder, is it just me?!

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