Mental Health and Well-Being!

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Next month my second chapter will be out in the second book that I am delighted to be co-authoring. The first book was entitled Mental Health for Millennials and this second book is the second book in (what will turn out to be) a series of books entitled Mental Health for Millennials. In the first book I concentrated on the issue of human friendship. There I looked at definitions for Friendship and made comparisons to how people used to make and sustain friendships in the past with that of the modern day millennial culture.

In this next chapter I will look at how people are relating to one another. The chapter will be about how the  concept  of selflessness exists in the modern day. As the way people make and sustain friends has now changed in the modern day, the next logical thing that I have decided to look at is how people relate to each other. Within millennials relationships, I have chosen to look at how, and if, millennials are acting selflessly or not  to others.

On the 10th of October the book will be presented and spoken about by all the chapters’ authors to many millennials in the National University of Ireland, Galway.

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