A Light on Well-Being

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In a few days time it will  be night time again. The light hours will once again diminish into the evening mist and the clouds of darkness will victor over the birds’ evening cheer. It will be start of our man made Winter. The clocks that we have humanly designed to give us organisation throughout the day will give us a loud tick to remind us that we no longer have the light to play with. Though, It wasn`t always like this. In fact, it`s relatively recent in human years that this day light saving came into operation.

This time last year I pondered it a lot myself. I wondered why was this annual ‘ turning back of the clocks’ so pertinent in the modern day. As well-being was such an important issue and one that was making the headlines in many quarters I tried to weigh up the pros and cons of having the naturally lit day versus a darkened evening for months on end. It drove me into doing some research on the topic. Once the research was done I wrote an article on it and it was published.

If you are dreading the short evenings then check out the article as it still rings true this year when we consider our well-being  http://www.theeye.news/2017/10/30/the-morning-after-the-clocks-went-back/ 

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