Living or Dying for Well-being

November is the month for the dead. November 1st is named All Saints’ Day and this is suppose to be  a tribute to all the Saints. The very next day,  November 2nd, is All Souls’ Day. This is dedicated to praying for the dead. Yet, each November comes and goes and though we may pray for those that have passed or if we are not that religious, we may just cast a wondering thought as to why the month is dedicated to the dead that have passed from this life and to wherever they are  next.

Whether or not we a are of a religious persuasion really does not matter when we stop and ponder, if only momentarily, after hearing of the fact that the second last month of the year is dedicated to the dead. Once we either give up our prayer or wonder at the oddness of such a month we soon carry on with our day to day routine. Perhaps though during the month of November once we realise of it being the month that it is, we can begin to react positively in the knowing that we are still here ourselves, alive and well in the present and that life should be lived to the fullest our potential well-being.

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