Imagine More Success in Well-Being!

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Imagine was a great song sang by the late John Lennon. The Beatles’ legend was heralded for his ability to capture a listener`s mind with his poetic lyrics and soft voice. His song Imagine hit the carts with a bang and became an all time great song. Talk to just about anyone from any generation and with any musical genre of interest and they will probably admit that there is one of Lennon`s songs that  really speaks to them personally. The class of this man meant that he was always going to have success in life, and with his musical prowess he did. Lots of it. Still, his well-being took a tumble as a very young man as he died with some much more to give to this world.

Recently, I was asked to participate in a talk show. After a lot of getting used to time differences and communication, eventually I was able to get in touch with the show`s presenters Syndee Hendricks and Thomas Hydes. Both people are very talented and wonderful communicators. Syndee is a phenomenal author of 12 books in just 5 years whilst Thomas is a voice coach and entrepreneur. Both asked me many questions about well-being in general and were also witty enough to see the funnier side of life. The talk was fifty two minutes long in all and can be accessed at the following link within this site. Their podcast is called Imagine More Success, and thanks to the inspiration of John Lennon and the communication of these two co-presenters I did!

Just scroll down to see Syndee and Thomas smile for well-being!



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