New Year`s Resolution 2019!

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Quite often annually we celebrate New Year`s eve with family and friends and ring in the New Year with joy and happiness, but without much thinking of what come`s next.  Sure, during the last few hours of a year it`s not time to be down and out within our minds, rather it`s a time for the high feelings of Christmas to be at their utmost so that we can begin to celebrate the dawn of a new calendar. Still, once the dates re-calibrate themselves it`s then time to wonder what`s the difference going to be for us in this ‘New Year?’

Are we happy the way we are? Are we going to change? Do we need to shake things up just a little? Of course, these are only a few questions we ask ourselves and truly, quite often we don`t really have the answer to all of these questions just as the clock strikes 0:00. It may take hours, days or even weeks into 2019 before we figure out if everything we are doing in life is worth while. January can even pass us by, despite how long it can feel for many, before we figure out the best plans for the year ahead. Often we feel sluggish and judged because somehow we`ve missed out on the famous ‘New Year`s Resolution’ and the few days it`s been since the clock told us it`s 2019 have been wasted doing the same old things. Maybe though, just maybe, we don`t need a clock to judge us and tell us what we need to change.

Perhaps it will come in it`s own time.

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