Well-Being is a Skill

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There are skillful footballers. There are skillful dancers. There are skilful actors. After all, it is the week that Oscars have been handed out. Many things in life are a skill. From the moment we enter this world we are learning skills. We learn how to stand, we learn how to walk, we learn how to talk. Talking is taught by parents and it is this sweet goo goo gaga that we utter when we are so young that eventually turns into little words that our parents find so interesting. By the time we enter childhood we are in school and have spent a whole day`s work learning a variety of subjects.

By the time we hit adolescence we are learning to get out and about as well as studying for academics. By our early twenties we are combining all our youthful skills to become productive members of a society. Still, we are learning new skills. New jobs demand new training and new economic adaptations dictate our skills changing too. All of the skills we learn revolve around people in some shape or form. Life is about interacting with people and in commerce there is a basic ‘demand and supply’ that is adhered to in order to produce, market and sell a product. For example, consumerism then feeds our moods and with that we often interact and tell people we are closed to about our new purchase.

When life skills demanded develop we go with them but when they alter in a way that impinges on other basic needs such as real human interaction then we need to re-learn the skills that we once learned when we were quite young. Simple human interaction is a basic need and a skill that by having it is a welcome entry into well-being.

Here`s a look at what Google are doing to promote this:



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