Walk to Your Well-Being

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Over the past year or so I`ve come to know an extraordinary man. He has been walking the world for cancer awareness. Completely selfless in his efforts he travels with a wobbly cart with his earthly belongings and the hope of meeting nice strangers wherever he stumbles upon them. He is Irish and he has had the luck the country in these past 3 years on the road as he meets many nice people  all around the world. Tony Mangan is his name and he is a supreme athlete having also run the world before. In spite of his supreme ability, he is a very humble man and one who does not seek the limelight. He just finds it due to the strength of his message and other peoples’ good will towards his selfless deeds.

Having a a wish to do something for another is something many of us have but acting upon it in such large volumes like Tony has is remarkable. You would be forgiven for thinking that Tony, as a single man, is miserable at times. Of course, he is only human. Yet, most of the time when communicating with him I can honestly say that he is in good form. It just shows you that doing things for others can make you truly happy and help your well-being no end.

For more on Tony Mangan go to www.TheEye.News  


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