The Well-Being of Cancer Awareness

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Recently I had the pleasure of meeting a man who really takes care of his well-being. Not only that, but he cares about others’ well-being too. His name is Tony Mangan. Currently, he is walking the world in aid of cancer awareness having lost his mother to the disease some years ago. I have been fortunate enough to write about Tony`s travels for over a year now, and in doing so, have built up a friendship with him. Meeting him in Dublin some days ago was a real treat.

Tony had been walking the world for nigh on three years now. Previously, he has cycled and then run around the world. Fitness is his tool that keeps his well-being in check. However, he is realistic with this an realises that there are other aspects to maintaining proper well-being also. He is a man that we can all learn from as he has pushed his body to the limits and back, several times now. Tony is sensible in how he prepares for his challenges and keeps his overall health and well-being in mind. We can all learn from some one like Tony, as he has been to hell and back in more ways than one.

Tony is online at:Tony`s world travels for Cancer.

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