Well-Being With The Written Word

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People wonder how to be well. Often people ask me ‘How best to do something for themselves that is simple, easy and aids their well-being?’ A simple answer is to express yourself. Too often we get stuck in a rut of the day to day ground hog living of hum dum routine. Sure, it is life. But its not the only way of living. Yes, we need to do things every day in order to keep the wolf from the door. Things like going to work and making our meals are essential elements of our routine that in many ways we just can`t change.

But then there are things that we can change. Rather than making an overall overhaul of our lives we can re-introduce simple things into our life. One of those simple things is to express ourselves. By expressing ourselves we are letting of steam and creatively doing something new for ourselves and for no one else. Avery simple and cost free way to start is by writing. Why not have a try? Writing is a skill. Perhaps, writing something long is too overwhelming so why not try something much shorter like an essay and before you write, for now, just plan it? Here`s how:


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