Rugby World Cup Begins As Britain Evades The Tackle

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As the Rugby World Cup begins we begin to wonder about the relationship of sport with life. Rugby is raw and powerful. Life too, can be raw and powerful with little given to you and more asked. Originating from an English background in 1845 at a time when other great nations such as India were still under British rule, the game began to catch the barbaric eye as those with finesse dabbled in games of intelligence and skill instead.

In fact, it was other nations who were to eventually to become rugby`s pacesetters as former British colonies of Australia, South Africa and the mighty All Blacks led the way. Now, even Brittan’s closest neighbour Ireland is the world number one in the sport. Still, the intellect of the Indian`s sided with the spinning ball of Cricket and this suited their intelligence and swift movement away from the British Raj in 1947.

As the competition begins we wonder who will be the victor. One this is for sure is that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will need to put all his rawness to one side and begin to accept the independent power of the others around him or else his fleet footed movement may be clipped by a spinner from some direction in the weeks to come.

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