International Economic Anxiety With Brexit Ahead

‘Paddy Indian man, Paddy Irish man and Paddy Scotch man went into a bar to watch some sport. As the game was between Ireland and Scotland Paddy Irish man and Paddy Scotch man were quite nervous. Of course, as it was the Rugby World Cup and both neighbouring countries were so familiar with each other there was a lot on the line. As both Paddy Irish man and Paddy Scotch man were good friends they didn`t want to be rude to one another but instead they teased each other about their opposing teams and their respective players. Eventually Ireland won the game by 20 points and Paddy Irish man was the happier of the two men.

All while the game was on both Paddy Irish man and Paddy Scotch man were cheering, cringing, standing, siting, shuffling in their seats, had their hands to their heads and were up and down in their emotions. Then, when the final whistle went it was clear to them where they both stood. They shook hands, had a drink together, and discussed the ins and outs of the game.

As this all happened, Paddy Indian man sat calmly and seemed to be in control. He was not entirely interested in rugby or in sports at all. He watched as the two Paddys from Ireland and Scotland teased each other about their opposing teams and sat bemused at their chair hoping antics and exciting body language. Dumbfounded by their knowledge of each group of players he sat and wondered when he could exit for home.

Although this sounds like the scene for a typical ‘Paddy English man, Paddy Irish man and Paddy Scotch man’ joke, it’s not. Instead, it’s closer to reality than any of those funny one liners.

Of course, there is no Paddy English man in that scene and he is replaced by Paddy Indian man. This is a lot like Irish history. Like India, it spent a long time under British rule and then Paddy English man was quite the reality as English landlords owned Irish land and dictated to Irish people within their own country. Then came independence for Ireland and in recent years an Indian-Irish prime minister. His name is Leo Varadker.

Like Paddy Indian man he too is not overawed with sport and seems to have a some what awkward social presence. It seems hard to imagine him sitting with a couple of mates having a beer and watching sport not least because of the work load he has, but also due to he not being the most typical of men.

Although it’s great to see a leader of a country having his family come from another place like India, Varadker and his ministry will also have their hands full with the impending Brexit chaos that is still in the mix. By Halloween, we should see the outcome of it and all Irish people should be more certain of where they stand economically.

Although it’s not just Irish people that the potential of Brexit will affect. All countries that have links with Britan will also be affected. That means countries like Nigeria, Ghana, Egypt, Kenya, Malaysia and even India as well, will have to watch out for economic upheaval. Although they are no longer tied to British rule, their legal origins are based off the British monarchy and the culture that was imposed upon them goes deeper into the thinking of these nations than many will realise.

Of course, in real life Ireland beat the Scots today by 20 points so the likes of Nigeria, Ghana, Egypt, Kenya, Malaysia and India will have to be ahead of British thinking to survive the nervous squeaky bum time ahead.

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