Hugh Hefner`s Hand Held Addiction

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Today marks the second anniversary of Hugh Hefner`s death. He was 91 years of age when he passed away of natural causes. Throughout his decades on earth he became a hugely entertaining figure and extremely successful businessman bringing the natural human physical presence to women and much the willing man. He created the Playboy magazine which was first published in 195.At that time he did not know he would be such a rich man at the time of his old age. From then, until now, the magazine has transcended the western world with its take on human sexuality.

Although, in its earlier years the magazine concentrated on Picasso, Nietzsche, and jazz, it was sex that escalated the magazine into the minds of the millions of readers that followed it. For decades it grew, and grew. Stories within the magazine were there to add zest to people`s attitudes and the imagery left little if anything to one`s imagination. Yet, now that Hefner has been wiggling with worms for a couple of years, it begs the question ‘What has porn addiction done to people? ‘

In answering that question it must be noted that there is a plethora of studies done on the very topic. For sure though, the 3 ‘A’s are ruling the roost for many who find it difficult to look away from the pages of ‘smut’ -as the likes of Playboy was often referred to as.

The first ‘A’ refers to accessibility. Never in the history of time have so many people in the world had such accessibility to millions of free images. Due, in most part, to the world wide web, most people can click a button and have the world of images transported right under their eye and this then gives them a instant emotional hit that can begin to get their ball (or two) rolling

This is twinned with affordability. Images can be downloaded in split seconds like never before. Back in  1953 when Hefner had the Playboy bunny wearing nothing but a swimsuit, people had to pay for the rights to purchase. Now, it’s completely free, and there is a lot less that a swim suit to see.

The third, and final ‘A’ is that of anonymity. People used to have to walk through the shop door and then stand in front of the magazine rack before looking over their shoulder to see who was watching them. Then, they`d reach for a smut mag. Now though, this practice has almost disappeared. In its place the magic of the mobile phone which allows for personal viewing in an instant, meddles with the mind.

The 3’ As’ are a cocktail, deadly to their core. In fact, the 3’ As are more powerful that the 3 A batteries because they lead to the fourth ‘A, that being addiction. So, I guess the new question is ‘Was what Hefner produced natural after all? It seems not, but then again, the answer is the same to what he wondered back then. As when he started back in the 1950s Hefner pondered if what he set out to do would dominate the world? and now, we all wonder about the long term outcome of addiction and like Hefner of 1953 realise that its true dominance was in opening that first page. Like the curious hands on that magazine the answer to it all will only be known as the hands of the future too, unfold.

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