Bees Create Your Future

Perhaps the greatest musical band of all time the Beatles sang:

“When I find myself in times of trouble, Mother Mary comes to me

Speaking words of wisdom, let it be”

Often bands with such success can influence the following generation to a huge degree. Degrees are the measurement of temperature and at present, the earth`s temperature is changing.

Recently, the Earthwatch Institute in the Royal Geographical Society of London has discovered that the bee is the most important creature on the planet. As it is the only living thing that does not carry any type of pathogen and it aids in the production of 70% of foods in all of the agriculture its importance cannot be understated. Yet, 90% of bees have disappeared internationally leading it to be now in danger of extinction.

When we look at the main world leaders we wonder what they are trying to do for the world. Sure, Donald Trump`s claims to have engineered a better range of opportunities for American citizens within the United States, has merit. But, what about the belief of the American president that climate change is not that important an issue and that at best, climate change goes both ways. Then the G8 (which comprises of the heads of USA, UK, France, Germany, Russia, Japan, Canada and Italy) have committed to 2015 climate change treaty to severely cut back on greenhouses gases even though at present many reports say that now is the time to act and that even next year may be too late.

There is no doubt that the world is in trouble. Everything that grows has a price on it and each and every human being on earth has the need for food. Economics is dictated by the simplest of products and each product has its orchestrator. Extreme wealth containing 90% of the money of this world is owned by 10% of the planet’s population and so poverty is rife in many parts. Outside of sleeping, most people work and work gives them money. Yet, the income people are receiving does nothing to compensate for the expenditure that they have in life.

In order to continue to live humans require basic needs to be met. As humans we need food. As humans, we need leadership that dictates how the food of the world is produced and shared in proportion to help people to survive and have an opportunity to strive in life.

If the current way of international leadership continues we will all be in big trouble soon. However, if we sit back and expect things to thrive and for our lives to just change for the better we may as well be whistling to ourselves what the Beatles sang all those years ago to just ‘Let it Bee’

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