24 Hours Dream Song of a Work Week

Saturday is the same as any other day. It has, as the song by Dinah Washington says ’24 little hours’. But still, Saturday is a day we all look forward to all week. Most of us work five or maybe six days a week and for at least eight hours a day. For others, they may even work seven days a week and up to fourteen hours a day. It all depends on the work, the location, and of course the boss. By the time Saturday rolls around weekly we are looking forward to meeting friends, going shopping, eating out, or playing or watching the sport of some kind or another.

‘When Saturday comes’ was the 1996 movie featuring the actor Seán Bean. For many around the world that are the motivating thought of waiting for that fun day of the week. It rewards all the other days of the working week. It’s something to look forward to and aim towards. There, all the strains of the week can be let out and the few hours of the pocket of joy begin to make it all almost worthwhile.

With changing climates all around the world and the vast growth of technological advancements that makes the internet an instant communicator to masses across the globe, the way of working is changing for many.

For years, people all around the world sought out the permanent and pensionable position as soon as they left post-primary school. Many others did not even make it that far and any education in primary school was a real treasure as other members of their family may not have been afforded such education. It’s difficult to think that even in the present generation there are third world countries that have little if any classroom and the bare minimum of resources to facilitate a proper learning environment. Just as amazing is the fact that many older people in the western world have never attended second level education and have achieved financial security in life as well as being content in their life`s work.

Yet in the present day, many people are unhappy at work. Their constant strive for more money, promotion, and a greater education takes months if not years to reach full fruition, but still, they are not content. Anxieties and depressions are becoming more mainstream for many young to middle age workers and the weekend is seen as a lifeboat in the drowning sea of trudging through the working week.

Perhaps we need to start looking at how we manage our time in a better way to avoid all of these feelings that make so many unsatisfied with their working week. Although Dinah Washinton sang of the importance of those ’24 little hours’, she also noted that ‘what a difference a day makes’. Why not take this Saturday and begin to plan for a greater series of days to come where you will enjoy your work and begin to skim along the top of the rough waters of the working week.

Then, late next week, you may just reach your dream-like Seán Bean eventually did in that memorable nineties classic all in not too long more than the time it takes to hum to yourself ‘when Saturday comes’.

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