Tip Toe Like A Tiger To Help Others

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It’s been quite a while since Tony Mangan of @MyworldWalk has been spoken about. He seems to have gone missing. Given that he roams the world at day and night its realistic to believe that Tony could be in danger. In the months that it has been since Tony has been mentioned on this page, he hasn`t reared his head.

Meanwhile, since June of the year an Indian tiger has been tagged and tracked from when he exited his animal sanctuary. From there he walked 300km in search of prey or a mate. At only two and a half years old, the tiger has unbounded energy and simply never stops walking. In fact, it’s the furthest any tiger has been known to have walked in the history of Indian tigers. The male tiger, which is named C1, left Tipeshwar wildlife sanctuary in the western state of Maharashtra in June and now in December he just keeps on moving. He`s travelled through farms, water and highways and into the neighbouring state, Telangana and seven districts in Maharashtra. His GPS tracking has noted that he has passed through over 5,000 locations.

“The tiger is possibly looking for territory, food and a mate. Most of the potential tiger areas [in India] are full and new tigers have to explore more.” Said Dr Bilal Habib, a senior biologist with the Wildlife Institute of India

Although the tiger walks, throughout the day he more than likely hides. One night alone, whist walking, he killed cattle and wild pigs for food.

“People don’t even know that this tiger is travelling in the backyard,” said Dr Habib.

Although, with recent media reports acknowledging his record distances its likely people are now on the lookout for the rambling tiger.

But the world walker from Ireland he is further down the road. You see he ‘Tony the tiger’, has got more than lions to worry about as he saunters along his sandy path of Saudi. Unlike the Indian tiger, Tony is walking the world and not seeking any prey or mate, rather, his persistence is all about educating the masses on the importance of early cancer screening.

Tony is some guy. For all his roaming at day and night he may bump into all kinds of animals scattered all around the world. But, that’s Irish man Mangan. He`s a couple of grades braver than tigers. He`s A1. Brave as a lion, and unerringly fearless. For sure, he`s got some balls- on his feet!

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