Why Do You Bother To Cope This Christmas?

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Christmas is a special time of year. With it’s religious significance comes the three wise men and the brightness of the guiding star to a place of refuge. From the Santa Claus heritage, its culture of giving and receiving with thankfulness has well been worn into the collective psyche of all those in the world who understand its significance.

The rituals of mass or decorating the Christmas tree bring memories of old to the table that usually holds so many teats for family and friends to share. It is a time of being joyous and restful and a period to catch up with people as they spend some time with loved ones that ordinarily, they wouldn`t have the chance to do so.

But Christmas can also be a time of year that is tough on people. Financial troubles, rattled confidence, broken relationships, deaths in families and separation from those that can`t be by your side, are but a few of the things that can drag a person down when all around seem to be dancing about to seasonal songs a plenty.

Yet, a growing issue in our world is something a lot worse. By not being able to sit and reflect, or regret the choices made in life within a warm and secure house, existing problems can become exasperated. Being without a home, or even a place to rest your head at Christmas time must be gruesome, dangerous and demeaning as a human being.

This morning I, like many, was fortunate enough to take part in a Christmas swim for charity. I`ve done it since it began and have noticed the goodness of people increase year on year. Its wonderful to see and to know that there are so many that want to lend a hand. But, still our social problems grow and more and more find themselves homeless. It’s heartless and you begin to wonder about the whole meaning of Christmas when you see it in your midst.

The problems that determine the mass problem in the first place can be due to people themselves and to people who make decisions in higher up positions. By connecting these two types of people new knowledge about what causes these problems and how to begin to alleviate this issue starts.

Connection is at the heart of all human transition.

After all, whether it be baby Jesus or Santa Claus you prefer both were here to connect to us and give us something to make our lives feel better.

For My Christmas Video on Homeless Visit My FaceBook Page: Why Do You Bother To Cope This Christmas?

For a video of the Christmas Day Swim and Homelessness see my Facebook page here: Why Do You Bother To Cope This Christmas?

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