New Year’s Goals For Winning Life in 2020

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It is 2020 now there are there two thousand and twenty goals here?

No, but it’s the year 2020 so you need these New Year goals for winning life this year in 2020. Oh my gosh a new decade, a new year, a new you perhaps, well? out with the old and in with the new but also bringing in and keeping the things that work for you too! What a poem!! but the truth is you want every little edge you can get. You want it to be your best year so here are several things you can do to actually improve yourself this year, to win life so:

 Do Less:

As it is the New Year and you’re working hard yes but look around you’ve done a lot of hard work if you have come to this blog or channel and if you were impressed by some sort of blog or video if even only in a small way that brought you here, stay here! Why? because you’ll learn more but do less. You’ve already done the hard work to get to here if you’ve already done the hard work and all the rest then I’m sure that means you’re on the right road so perhaps do this. Look at how you’re spending your time and see what you can do to get rid of things that you don’t need to do so a little bit of spring cleaning as we’re approaching spring why not clean up?!

Clean up the way you’re doing things, what you have done before that way you’re going to address what you perhaps might want like to change. So, if you do this you can actually be more productive just by looking at what you’ve done and thinking to yourself ‘well if I’d done that, do I need to do it again?’ or, ‘if I’ve done that, can I do it differently or better next time? so do less but just actually looking at it for guidance for now and for the future in 2020. These are examples of things that you can do to do things better to get closer to where you want to be. You may think ‘I don’t understand that, why would you not need to know more?’ well, it’s okay not to be like up-to-date on everything. Think about the ‘news’ just take the news itself sometimes if you walk into a store a public place a bar a restaurant whatever and you meet somebody you know and they say ‘what do you think of that?’, ‘did you hear about that what was your opinion on this?’, politics, weather- just look outside the window but ‘no’ we have to have all these apps up-to-date now.

What’s going on tomorrow, today, yesterday. What is your opinion? tell me more, inform me! clarify that I am correct there. So the reality is you don’t need to know it all. Let them tell you. If you know less then you can actually go forward perhaps, they ever attained a lot of stress in the first place perhaps they have worked hard in trying to notice perhaps, they have spent their hard-earned cash on a new device, a new one that is to be able to read faster or watch videos faster or attain knowledge more. Maybe they have spent their lunch break or lunch hour on attaining or reading up on things or information. The reality is if you listen to them well enough you get that information by ‘doing less’ not a bad little trick really. No, I’m not a fan of caring less for people but that might sound like a terrible little thing to say but the reality is you know if you are a caring person. You’re going to care anyway that’s the type of person you are but the reality is also that if you put too much attention on things it can actually blow up in your face. 

Forget Less:

So, if for example, you get a lot of emails and you want to respond to them right now that means you’re going to put more energy into that. You’re going to put more attention into that and what’s going to happen then what you’re going to respond to all emails that means all the recipients of those emails are happier because you have responded but remember you actually dictate a time-frame now that you are going to respond to these emails promptly always to this person. That means this person knows that you had that email and that you will always promptly respond because that’s your habit and the day you don’t respond, for whatever reason, perhaps it’s a holiday or perhaps you’re sick or under the weather well then that’s the day they’ll wonder ‘why this person is not like they’re usual prompt self?’ as they’re usually on the ball or the thing they may wonder to themselves ‘I need to go to somebody else’ and if that someone else doesn’t respond today and they respond a week later but, they respond with what you want you’re happy generally. You see, an email is not really needed to be an instant form of information nor text and a phone call is more direct and you expect an instant reply. But an email allows you to forget. It lets you just say ‘forget less’- that’s what you’re going to do this year ‘forget less’ because if you put your attention into random things that’s where their goal is. It’s random. If you forget less then you’re trying, in the future, to pay less attention to random information that you just don’t need. It’s like reading a tabloid newspaper. Ok, it’s entertaining for a little bit but the reality is that probably a lot of it is not really factually based. It is probably just big headlines to try and sell, to try and give up information to make your day well, more entertaining so that you read it in the certain newspaper and when that happens then your advertising their product. If you forget less now that includes being a person who remembers what they need to do and just goes through and does it. There are some ways in that you can do things better and forget this. Like if you write down what you said you would do and if you are actually completing the task anyways well then just write the task in your calendar and make some sort of system, a way of managing when this task is going to be known to you in the future. Like a planner of sorts, put it into your phone use those electronic things for one thing -something that works so that you can forget less. It’s pretty simple great.

There are a lot fewer things you need to do in 2020.

Regret Less:

It’s already there. Look, we’re all human. We all regret something at some stage but it doesn’t mean to say that we can live our lives long-term hopefully with ‘regrets’. Very few people out there have no regrets but if you have a regret then, if you can kind of clean the driveway of all those regrets and sweep them back, push them out onto the road you’re going have a clearer walk every time you go out that driveway. You’re going to have the sunshine walk and it’s going to propel yourself to that main road to where you want to be, to your own particular highway of life or doing what you need to do. So regret less. Just move on. Get with the times do your best and no more. Why should you regret anything if you’re a good person? Right! if you apologise properly then there`s no need to regret so that’s just well, that is just one big thing to do so what other things can you do actually actively do? 


You can improve your finances. What, more money? Yes, you can get more money out of your boss.Do you have to work harder? Hmmm, not necessary. You can budget. It’s the perfect time to start this. Start off the year in finance. Huh, boring? yep. Surely, but you can just take a little snippet off your expenditure in some ways and then you can actually improve your finances by knowing what you’re going to spend daily weekly and yearly of course you will want to forsee things like car damage, water damage, insurance costs on the rise and so on. But, you can actually budget for them as tightly as possible if you get into the habit. You’re going to have a better outcome and that better outcome gives you more time because you have planned what you need. You will have more time for things that actually over the long-term help you out and in the short term, your needs are looked after as you can exercise for free. 


That’s another thing. If you exercise and get into that 30-minute everyday type of routine then you don’t have to wear your body out. If you want to say to yourself ‘I want to be the next hot model’ then grand, although I’m sure you have the ability the reality is what you need to do is make sure it’s on your list of things ‘to do’- exercise and never allow other things to get in the way. 

Getting a New Job:

If you want a new job then get out there and submit new curriculum details or new resumes or go on to online social media sites. I’m not advertising here! But I know what you need to do is get that new job and get that new position, or get that new promotion by doing it. By taking action you are actually getting closer to where you want to be and by exercising and being healthier and having better nutrition by eating better you’re going to be giving yourself a greater range of freedom and energy to get to where you want to go. With better exercise and by improving the way you look after your diet you’re also going to manage stress in a much better way and that’s the last one I’m talking about today-stress!


Stress is everywhere. Why do you need to have it in your day? why do you need to have it in this year 2020? There is no need. If you can lessen the bad stress, if you can better yourself then you are going to have all of these things match up for you this year in 2020. Just allow yourself to grow to allow yourself to develop and allow other aspects of your life to grow and to develop together. So that you can essentially have a better year. Perhaps your best year.

I really wish it to you so that these new year goals for winning in 2020 will work for you. Have a wonderful day!

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