Why Is Photography So Great in Life?

Recently I interviewed two young females about their hobby pf photography. I wanted to find out ‘Why is photography so great in life?’

Interviewer (Conor): You`ve a nice camera there, tell me about it?

The Young Ladies (YL): It cost 3,000 euro. Yes, my dad, to be honest, he gave it to me and I really love it!

(Conor): So you are Alex and Sandra (the two ladies) you’re a photographer?

(YL): I wouldn’t say that I am but I think when I try to be better every day and practice a lot but maybe I will be one day for sure

(Conor): So Alex what you think are the things that are needed? The skills that are needed with good photography in general?

(YL): Maybe you need vision, a reason to see things others maybe not see at first. They may be… I don’t tell Sandra [her friend- the other lady] how you should be [as a model with photography].

(YL): I tell her ‘now you are a little princess’ and I’m worse than you then  you are better

than me. It’s not like you’re arrogant or something. I don’t know.

(Conor): So, are you saying that arrogance has something to do with the person [as a model]?

(YL) No, that was just an example. I like many types of people. There are many different versions of someone.

(Conor): Okay so what do you think photography does for a person?  

like , you’re taking pictures there of Sandra. What do you think photography does other than taking pictures of people?

(YL) It is fun, it helps people. It’s fun for us both.

(Conor) Is it fun for the person that’s taking the photograph or just you said for both?

 (YL) We can take photos of everything and I love having beautiful photos of myself then I can share it.

(Conor) Okay, so your young guys and you’re quite international. You’ve been here and you’ve been there and stuff. You’ve got a great camera and you’re taking fantastic photographs and stuff- what do you like in general to take photographs or a s a viewer of photos, to look at?

(YL) I like when people are talking about laughing. Laughing, yeah. When you

don’t look at the camera okay just look away and really are smiling.

(Conor): Of all the things you look at, you look at like buildings and we with some beautiful

buildings in the background now, water, nature and stuff you’re telling me that

people and people’s laughter is like one of the nicer things to photograph?

(YL)I just want emotion with the picture okay if you look at the picture I just want that you will feel better or you feel an emotion. Yes, so the viewer of the picture feels emotion.

(Interviewer) What about the person then that is, you know, having the picture taken of them? I mean for example, Sandra you know you were smiling there and your friend (Alex) is taking the photograph how do you feel? Or, how did you feel in that way?

(YL) I feel comfortable. Okay. It’s fun, because we can do many things that we want.

(Conor)And what about the viewer then (not just Alex who’s taking the photograph) what about if the photograph goes online or if you know your friends share it’s a photograph, it’s a holiday photograph or whatever or just a general photograph. How does that make a person feel people in general? If there are  ten thousand people looking at one photograph, how does that make a person feel do you think?

(Sandra)  I think, when I think this photo is beautiful and I like it then I would share it because I like to share pictures . Okay, not only of me.

(Conor) So what are the things would you like Alex? Say, other than people and emotion. What would you like to look at in photographs

(Sandra) When they’re really laughing.

(Conor) Like what are the examples then? you’ve chosen right here right now lovely water and lovely buildings ( as your photographic background) and why have you chosen this as a backdrop to your photographs. Is it because it’s already dark?

(Alex) There are the lights and it looks very sweet. So darkness is not a negative feature in photography, no.

(Conor) So, no. Alex, you spoke there about feelings and people and smiles and laughter. You’re talking about darkness. Darkness doesn’t have to be negative? so what about darkness in people’s lives, what about feelings and people in general now, away from photography. What how do you think if people are feeling in a dark place? How could you make them feel good, like emotions and laughter, that you get from photography?

(Alex) To be honest, when someone is really in a dark place I mean the photos or funny videos can make it better for just a minute or two but in the long run that doesn’t help you put the darkness away. The problem is you put it away for a short time but you have to face it again and again and again and it grows bigger so we have to kind of do something against it and I know it’s really hard. Like, I was in that place.  I am in dark places. You have to do something about it.

(Conor) so what is the cure for permanent darkness in peoples’ lives?

(Alex): Fixing the problem that they have.

(Conor) Okay, s going to happiness now. What do you think is generally happiness for people in general in this world do you think?

(Sandra)I think happiness is when you have people you like around you and you can laugh with them, this is just one example. It can be almost anything. Pets are also happiness.   

(Conor)  Could it be anything else?

(Sandra)  Like drawing and a hobby then spending time even when you’re not with the person just drawing or like photography.

(Conor) So, Alex would you do photography if you hadn’t Sandra here? Would you go around and take pictures and would that make you happy?

(Alex) I probably would yes. When I`m in a really bad place I don`t go out.

(Conor) That’s fine. I suppose you’ve got modern technology now if you don’t want to feel like going out like if people know we’re in a bad place they can always communicate using technology presumably

as well. So, what about money, does money make people happy?

(Alex) To be honest I just think about it. You can part with money and you can buy things and things kind of make you happy for a short period of time but money is not interaction.

(Sandra) You can’t buy people. You cant buy the time you spend with people!  

(Conor) Okay that`s nice. That`s wonderful thank you so much guys.

So, there you go, that’s why photography is so great.

Have a wonderful day!

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