7 Proven Ways to Stop Being Lazy!

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So, you are wondering ‘Why are you so lazy or at least, acting so lazily?’ well, that’s a good question. So, here I`m going to give you seven proven ways to stop being lazy!

You need to find motivation now. The whole point of this is that you will be successful at whatever you want to be. It just takes a bit of strategy as well as motivation and motivation in this regard is the actual start of your strategy. When I talk about strategy and talking about the fact that no matter what you want in life whether it’s you want a better relationship whether it’s one of wanting to have a successful business whether it’s wanting to be more intelligent-believe it or not you can do that too.

Whatever it is you just need to have a motivation so finally now that’s easier said and done. You might say and that’s a fair point but the reason being is that motivation will not just trigger you to start at the beginning but it will sustain you long term. When you have said a motivation to have a better relationship how do you know it’s a better relationship? it’s not going to happen in the first week and it’s not going to happen in the first month. We’ll take a year or so anyway to know it’s a sustainable relationship and therefore judging it’s better if you want to get a better job or to start a business. Again it’s going to take at least one year of business to know where you are with to measure it as being unsuccessful or successful in the first place.

These are just basic examples but finding that motivation is worth spending the time that it’s worth pretending that you have a motivation for one giving yourself a couple of weeks to get used to this in your head. This is your motivation. The motivation being I am going to start a business because I want to end $1,000,000 by this time next year. Okay, that might be a tricky situation but you never know if you are intelligent enough, if you have a certain idea, if you are backed financially. Somehow you want to start this company and $1,000,000 is presentable to you if it’s possible within the industry. Who’s to say you can’t do it now give yourself this fake motivation for a couple of weeks. Give yourself two weeks in general. Sit on it and then sleep on it. Wake up think about it. Not even think of it. Sometimes do other things go to your hobbies do whatever else you’re doing as usual.But have this as your fake, your pretend motivation. Use that motivation so it could be ‘I am doing this to be rich because I want to be rich in five years’ but, I want to be super rich in five years but in one year time I want to have 1 million dollars’. One million in a year or whatever it is and with that 1 million that’s going to be a huge amount of cash that is going to get you on the way to be super big kick-ass rich life and that’s your motivation. So sit on that think about that for like one to three weeks and within your own mind’s eye you will start to wonder ‘Well what would I do with 1 million?’, ‘What would I do? Would I buy the property? Would I buy a car? Would I give money to charity What would I do with it? Would I just enjoy it for the time that I have? So, you don’t know.

So it’s a matter of actually using that particular instance that fake motivation to help guide you. Now that’s your motivation you see once you’ve given yourself that opportunity to find the motivation you can then just toss it aside after a couple of weeks and you can come up with a different motivation. Ask yourself these questions why and what is the real motivation because you need to have that one thing that anchor of motivation to sustain you when the going gets tough. Whether it’s business, relationship and so on because you’re going to have to work at whatever it is you want to get out of that funk of being lazy.

2. Avoid sugary and high-fat foods. What the heck is that got to do with being lazy? well believe it or not your body is your temple. If you are lazy then it’s coming from the fact that perhaps that physically your body is not performing to the optimum levels. Now when I say physically if you’re talking about being lazy concerning exercise for sure sugary foods high-fat foods they gotta be just kicked away out of the bat into touch. Just get them out of your diet quite because they’re pulling you back. If we’re talking about exercise, yeah you can run just as long perhaps but you know what your digestion is kicking in. It’s not kicking into where it is you’re not going to hit the times if you’re running or if you’re exercising or the strengths or the recovery period and so on. Or you may get injured there are all different variations of things here that are just for physical exercise if your laziness comes from the fact that you’re not working hard enough or you’re not motivated in the first place. Well then look into your diet again what I said in the first point. Make sure you objectively put into your mind’s eye what would it be like if I stopped eating candy? if I stopped eating x, y & z; if I stopped eating things that are going to ruin you. Putting excess sugar into your bloodstream then that’s going to happen then you’re going to be limited and your limitations are going to come through. So we need to get that out of what we’re doing here. We need to make sure that we’re changing up our diet.

This is something not necessary to do with physical laziness. This is something to do with your overall laziness, your motivation levels, your mental capacity to motivate for whatever. Whether it’s playing the piano, learning a new instrument, exercising physically to be fitter and healthier, losing weight, starting a relationship, getting out there or getting back out there in society in general or having new friendships, or joining clubs.

3.Motivation to work or to study to do extra things whatever it is? exercise! Why exercise? believe it or not if you move your body your body will move your mind. They work in sync with each other if you exercising, even so, so or only so, so, therefore, you’re so, so exercise regime is stuck in the mood right now. If you’re walking to work that’s a wonderful way to start things but work might be so, so stressful and you might be sitting down physically and you’re not moving your body you’re not moving those big legs around the office. Even because you’re just maybe getting a break sometimes you might even be eating at your desk so what you need to do then is exercise oh that exercise yes you can go and you can look into my other blogs perhaps about exercise or request them?

If you’re not hoping the exercise in the first place and if your motivation isn’t there well then are you going to hope that exercise or want to sustain it, no you’re not you can watch 100 million videos you can go to all the experts in the world. But the reality is unless you push yourself into that realm of opening the exercise you don’t need specific personal trainers in that regard. There are just there to give you science back to you and they’re there to motivate you in the short term but really and truly your long-term motivation your sustainability of being energetic and motivated comes from within. So your exercise must be pushed. If you’re walking to work then you`re walking back. You need to go for an extra walk in the evening. Your exercise’s not going to kill you. If your legs are a little bit sore or tired for a while perhaps if you’re very unfit but you know what as you continue to do it daily you’re breaking through that barrier.

You’re getting fitter. You’re getting stronger. So exercise is key, of course, there are many and other exercises other than that. But when you’re finished with them you need to take account of sleep and rest. Indeed sleep and rest are so critical to your motivation.

4.Your motivation comes from between your ears and you need to settle down between your ears and rest. Close your eyes take a break. A break is good. If you`re thinking that suddenly you can be motivated no you need to sleep and rest also so take a break get your seven and a half hour sleep per night. But also if you’re considering that you’re near that midday, during the day then don’t judge yourself. This is just a time of downtime. What you need to do then is just take a rest. Take a few minutes out. Close your lines there is no shame in that.

Sleep! as it is a bedfellow with your exercise.

4.The next thing you do is break things down into super small chunks of tasks. Break it down even further to short-term goals and then chunk it down to shorter little itty-bitty pieces. Pieces that will all add up think about building a wall. Your wall. A stone wall. Each break is going to be a long-term motivation. This is going to be a long-term thing that is jumping you out of the hole laziness or whatever it is- job work money relationship exercise losing weight whatever. So basically break goes down takes each break. Each break is your short-term goal. If you were to get a sledgehammer to take a break out of the wall and whack it all. Those little pieces these are your little chunks your small chunks that you need to break things down in your mind. So that you can be at ease with yourself.

Remove all distractions and that includes people. That includes mobile technology that includes watching too many YouTube videos when you should be saying exercising or you should be concentrating or thinking about what your motivation for the next step is or your long-term motivation is going to be. So you need to remove all of these distractions because you need to be concentrated at the moment. This moment is for you for now. Why? because you’re trying to create a new habit. Just remember though that these habits are all welcome. But when you have a break like the last one it’s a new habit to get up and get moving again.

5. I’m not talking about direct exercise here. I’m not talking over running 20 laps or sprinting or anything like that. I’m talking about if you take five minutes out of the day that’s a wonderful thing to do. But you need to think get up and get out because your brain is asleep. It’s gone into a different mode. If it’s asleep or just resting then what you need to do is get yourself up early and get out.

You’re messing up with your blood sugar with the likes of coffee. So you need to just get a bit of water, a sip of water and then get outside. Get out in the fresh air and slap your face a little bit. Get yourself up get moving and get your brain moving and get your body a little bit jiggly and off you go to work somewhere.

If you want to work at something change the scenery go somewhere else. If it’s a workplace if you’re in the office all the time change the workplace may be. Not home because that’s where you want to rest but bring it to your car. Drive somewhere nice and get out of the car and get into a nice area outside. Work outside with your laptop. And even, get out of the gym and get outside do something different and go somewhere different and make sure then also that you can find somebody that you can body up with.

6.In the case of exercise go to a gym go to class together as that’s extra motivation to sustain doing what you’re doing and what you want is sustenance. Keep going. Sustenance and foods and then sustainability. Sustenance in a person’s relationship and then you continue doing it with that person. It’s the same way with working. It’s the same way with exercising. It’s the same way with lots of things. So buddy up. If they’re having a good day then they pump you up. If you’re having a good day you’ll pump them up. That builds a bit of rapport friendship and excitement to meet them.

7.Give yourself a little treat. You’re doing exercise so wear something nice. You may as well. Don’t go overboard in the spandex mind! because you need to be physically fit to show it off. But at the same time, you can get yourself a new shirt. Go out there and enjoy that first-second third or fifth date then you know you’re putting your best into the relationship. And so on.

These are those things that are going to un-lazify you if that’s such a word! To make yourself less lazy. To know that you are motivated and you’re sustainably motivated!

Until next time, have a wonderful day!

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