10 Shocking Benefits Of Waking Up At 5:30AM

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Believe it or not, there are shocking benefits of being up at 5:30 a.m.

1. It creates habit. By actually getting up early we’re breaking the old habits. Now, some people

think they are night owls, but they just have a bad habit of continually going to bed late at night. So maybe in adolescence, and then into college years, and then back into the

workings of adults, we have all these continual night owl kind of habits. If it goes on, it becomes a habit. It throws off our body clock and then we’re doing things continually later. But if we

get up early, there’s a massive benefit. There’s huge research behind this. So why 5:30 a.m.? You get up when the sun shines, baby. Right when the Sun is beginning to rise.

2. Your brain loves getting up early. It’s most awake in the morning, so if you get up and you just hit what you need to hit, be it through doing things for yourself or going to work, you are going to be the sharpest you can be. The brain loves this, and if you can treat the brain why not treat the brain? It will treat you back tenfold because you will be so productive. The brain is full of neurons, and it needs to fire those neurons off as quickly and as early as possible.

3. Your body also loves the morning. It loosens up early in the morning, and you can avoid

sitting at a desk before you go to work if you get up those couple hours earlier and do other things. Imagine a couple of hours loosening and limbering up the body before sitting in traffic and at work. It is fantastic because if you choose to exercise, there’s a variety of exercising. If you want to know about those exercises, please leave a comment below.

4. Productivity. Let’s think about it from a money point-of-view. If you are more

productive, and you are silently on your own, you can get things done like a computer. Your brain loves the morning. The early morning is silent and there are no distractions. You can be as productive as you will be any hour of the day early on in the morning, because you are hungry.

Your brain has a huge appetite to do the work.

5. Happier hobby time. If you choose to work as soon as you get up, then you finish earlier in the day. Your free time happens earlier too, which means that you’re happier during your hobby time. There aren’t enough hours in the day if you’re getting up at 7 or 8 and working from 9 to 5. However, if you get up extra early, you get a head start on all of these things. That means in the early evening, you can then socialize or do your hobbies.

6. The body’s digestive system loves it. We are worried about our weight all of

the time, and we’re thinking what to eat, what not to eat, and so on. If you get up early, you are going to have more time to prepare fresh food to eat, and this can allow you to take your time to eat, rather than rushing. This means your digestive pattern starts at the right pattern for the day.

As this continues for the day, in between meals thereafter you’re going to have a better

digestive systems.

7. Decrease anxiety. If you start getting up that early, you are less anxious. You are always ahead of tasks for the day. There’s a million and one tasks, not to mention actually doing what we need to do for our bosses and our families. If you’re up that early, you’re always ahead of all these 101 different tasks for the day, which means you can guide through most tasks later in the day during the 9 to 5 p.m. working hours.

8. Better for your health. If you exercise early and prepare food early, then have work done by 5:00 p.m., you have every evening for socializing, which is better for your head. Your brain will actually just fragment all the goodness down through your body into your life.

9.  Three day weekends. If you get up really early four mornings a week, do a couple of extra hours of work daily on those four mornings, and then finish at the normal time, you give yourself time in the evenings for socializing and hobbies, you have four really intense days of work, and you have a three-day weekend.

10. By getting up earlier, you are getting up before most people. People provide most of the  ways of how we cannot control our lives. Now you are ahead of them. Think of it- your bank manager, your clients, your manager or boss at work, all of these people expecting from you. But if you get up earlier, then you are ahead of those people, and you have the ability to control your life on that daily pattern.

10 reasons for you to survive, to actually thrive and to get up earlier.

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